8 Funny Things to Say in a Russian Accent

Wanna practice a Russian accent, but don’t know which phrases to role play behind the mirror? In this post, I’ll give you funny quotes you can practice saying.

I will provide Russian quotes with English transliteration as well as audio where I repeat all the phrases slowly so that you’ll be able to learn to pronounce them properly.

Funny phrases in English to say in a Russian accent

If you want to practice the Russian accent in a familiar language, here are some funny things to say.

  • HelloMy name is Boris. I’m from Russia. London is the capital of Great Britain. This is an essential set of sentences, every Russian person remembers from school.
  • Moose and squirrel – just sounds fantastic in a Russian accent.
  • In Soviet Russia accent says you!

Funny phrases in Russian to say in a Russian accent

#1 Gangster’s phrases

“Red heat”, 1997
  • What will happen to our country? – Что будет с нашей страной?
    • Shto boo-dit s na-shei stra-noi?
  • We’re innocent – Мы ж ни в чём не виноваты!
    • Mi j ni v chiom ni vi-na-va-ti
  • What are your proofs? – Какие ваши доказательства?
    • Ka-kii va-shi da-ka-za-til’-stva?

I absolutely love this episode from the old movie with young Shwartznegger. Yes, the movie doesn’t represent the best example of the Russian accent, but the phrases have become legendary.

#2 Calm down, comrade.

“The Dog’s Heart”, 1988
  • Calm down, comrade. – Спокойно, товарищ.
    • Spa-koi-na ta-va-rishch
  • We’re here to see you, professor, and that’s why. – Мы к вам, профессор, и вот по какому поводу.
    • Mi k vam pra-fes-sar i vot pa ka-ko-moo po-va-doo

The phrases above refer to the famous dialogue with Shvonder, a proletarian who wants to take out some rooms of professor’s flat for communist purposes.

I don’t know a more quoted movie than “The Dog’s Heart”, 1988. The film is full of funny phrases and monologues that deserve to be said over and over again.

#3 Hooray, comrades!

  • Hooray, comrades! Hooray! – Ура, товарищи! Ура!
    • Oo-rah ta-va-ri-shchi! Oo-rah!

This phrase was said at the end of every meeting of the communist party or at the end of every parade. It’s very familiar to everyone who lived in the USSR, so now it’s an excellent choice to practice saying it in Russian. You can use it when something good or surprising happens.

#4 When a disturbing talk is ahead…

“17 Moments of Spring”, 1973
  • I’ll ask you, Shtirlitz, to stay. – А вас, Штирлиц, я попрошу остаться.
    • A vas shtir-litz ja pa-pra-shu as-tat-sa

I guess everyone had this moment when you screwed up, and you think that your mistake was unnoticed, but at the last moment your boss, teacher, or wife says, “Could you stay for a talk?”

Maybe that’s why this phrase, said by the main antagonist to a brave Soviet spy behind enemy lines, sounds so disturbing.

Don’t hesitate to use it when you have a serious talk to someone.

#5 The phrase of the most popular Soviet detective

“The place of meeting can not be changed”, 1979
  • Humpback! I said “Humpback!” – Горбатый! Я сказал: “Горбатый!”
    • Gar-ba-tii! Ja ska-zal gar-ba-tii!

Humpback is a nickname of a gangster from a Soviet series. The phrase was said by a talented actor and musician Vladimir Visotsky (in the role of a criminal detective).

The phrase is well-known by everyone above 35. I’m sure, many of you will also appreciate this special tone and voice with which the phrase was pronounced.


These were my top funny things to say with a Russian accent. They’re well-known by locals and sometimes used in daily life.

Have some more examples? Share in the comments below!

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