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Anastasia Korol is an enthusiastic Russian language tutor. She gives effective, goal-oriented lessons to students all over the world. Thousands of people have already followed her Instagram.

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Though I worked as a lawyer for a long time, I’ve always been passionate about languages. That’s why, in 2011, I got a degree in Interpreting. Along with the routine work, I taught English on the side as a hobby. I enjoyed what I was doing, but something was still missing.

One day, I worked with an American teacher who wanted to learn some Russian. After only a short time talking with them, BOOM! I realized that’s what I wanted to pursue.

I started to educate myself on how to make effective Russian lessons. With hundreds of hours of courses and practice, I taught myself to provide clear explanations and concepts for the often-confusing language, and more importantly, how to get a student to start speaking the language.

In 2018, my husband and I launched an Instagram account where I could continue dispelling the difficulty of learning Russian while adding some fun to the learning process. People loved it, but I felt that those who wanted to dive deeply into more advanced Russian concepts were left out.

That’s why, to bring more value to the language learners, we started MyKeytoRussian, which provides more advanced Russian concepts in a blog format. This website also gives learners more opportunity to collaborate and ask questions.

The Russian language is quite difficult to learn, so it’s my dream to create a platform where students can quickly and effectively learn to speak it, and get maximum excitement and enjoyment along the way.


I was born in a small town in northwest Russia. I was, and always will be, a farm girl with a huge passion for nature and all living creatures.

During my childhood, I had an English teacher who managed to show me, a seven year-old girl, that the world is much bigger and more diverse than I knew at the time. The seed of curiosity she planted in my mind grew and made me interested in languages and communication.

This curiosity pushed me to visit over 10 countries, get to know new people, and participate in volunteering projects as a medical clown (and play some international sports along the way).

When I was 26, I got married to my ballroom dancing partner. He is my number one supporter and my soulmate. We’re like the opposite poles of a magnet that move towards each other: I’m a creative extravert, and he’s a very rational introvert. So, together, we manage to do so much.

When I was 30, I felt a desperate desire to change something, so we made a very typical decision to move to St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia.

Having left a previous legal job, I started my career from scratch following my childhood dream to work with people from all over the world, to write, and to do both in English.

I’ve always been sensitive to literature. I prefer to read slowly and think over the ideas carefully. I guess you won’t be surprised to know that my favorite authors are Dostoevsky and Chekhov. I also like T. Dreiser’s sharp, realistic novels.

I love doing what I do now because it’s always growing and developing. I look forward to learning and growing along with my students, and more importantly, bringing value and aid to the Russian learning process.