MyKeytoRussian is a project designed to help learners master the Russian language. This is a place for those who have been looking for answers but haven’t managed to find them. Here, learners can go beyond the status quo of learning Russian, and dive deep into Russian’s unique, secretive culture.

"We help people to change their lives through learning Russian"

Our Story

Anastasia Korol and Evgenii Mosikhin launched this website in 2018 after Anastasia, who worked as a Russian language tutor at that time, found that there wasn’t enough relevant information online for those who wanted to learn Russian.

Both Evgenii and Anastasia were inspired by a number of excellent English bloggers and learning websites that provide detailed explanations of English language and the culture surrounding it. The small number of Russian learning websites that they found, by contrast, were far from this high standard.

“It’s such a shame that Russian learners are deprived of the opportunity to get the information of similar quality,” they thought. This thought fueled the creation of MyKeytoRussian.

They had a clear vision of what could help to learners, and what was missing on the web. Anastasia honed her personal and friendly teaching approach to write for the website, and Evgenii took on the technical side of the project.