Beautiful in Russian: 31 Cool Ways to Befriend Your Chosen

beautiful in russian

When I was writing a post about saying “I love you” in Russian I noticed that many people are also trying to learn the word “beautiful” in Russian. So in this post, I wanted to show you how to say this word correctly, and also to answer some questions: is it a good compliment and is it a good phrase to begin long-lasting communication with someone online?

How to say “Beautiful” in Russian

The best possible options would be:

  • Красавица – A beauty, a beautiful woman
    • (Krasа-vi-tsa)
  • Красотка – A beauty, a beautiful woman
    • (Kra-sоt-ka)

Kрасавица and красотка are synonyms and may be said to a lady who’s beauty astounds you. But, it’s not the smartest move to use these with a stranger. Keep on reading to find out why.

If you use “beautiful” as an adjective, the most common translation would be красивый. But don’t forget to add a special ending if your object has feminine or neutral grammatical gender or if it’s in the plural. Nothing is more attractive than using proper Russian grammar cases!
As for the English “handsome”, there aren’t any special adjectives for males. If you want to specify masculine beauty you can use the same красивый as well.

Why “Hello, beautiful” is not Effective?

There are two possible methods we use to say “hello, beautiful” in Russian:

  • Привет, красавица – Hello beautiful
    • (Pri-vet, kra-sa-vi-tsa)
  • Привет, красотка – Hello beautiful
    • (Pri-vet, kra-sot-ka)

You can use them with your girlfriend or someone who you have a strong friendship with. Girls who are desperately craving compliments might like it as well.

However, imho using this phrase is absolutely not the best way to start a conversation with a nice girl.

Here’s why:

Let’s say you want to text a girl on Facebook. Let’s imagine that she is a really beautiful girl. So it’s logical to assume that you’re not the only one who noticed that. So, what would make your “hello beautiful” from the dozens of similar messages she gets every day? Nothing at all. 

Secondly, this phrase is overly familiar, so she might think: “Pardon, who do you think you are? We don’t even know each other?” As a result, you’ll get no reply at best. At worst – shunned or ghosted.

Try this instead.. Have a look at her profile, if it’s available. Find out things that you have in common and go from there. Did she have a vacation in Spain, where your best friend lives? Or maybe she likes biking the same as you do? Or maybe sushi is your common passion? Or you always wanted to run a marathon and she’s already done this. I bet there must be things that you share in common. 

Ask her about these things. She will respond to this more positively than a boring “sup’, beautiful”. Moreover, that would be a point around which you could build up to further conversation, whereas “hello, beautiful” leads to a communicative dead end. 

I know that this is more difficult and requires some time and imagination, but it’s more likely to lead to a nice talk, and maybe more.

If you’re already at the point where compliments are needed, the following information is for you:

The Sweetest Compliments in Russian

compliments in Russian

Calling someone a beauty and beautiful are very popular compliments, but the Russian language has much more than that to offer. I collected the ones that are not too long and can be pronounced and memorized easily. 

Though I sorted them into compliments for men and women, most of them are totally interchangeable, just don’t forget about the proper grammar gender. 

Again, I wouldn’t recommend using these online with people who you hardly know. That would sound like empty flattery. For instance, how do you know that she is so special if you’ve only started talking 10 minutes ago? That sounds disingenuous; like you’re just like all the other guys.

However, when said to someone you love, they may have an outstanding effect. Tender words may make people more confident, inspired and much happier in the end.

Compliments for Women

you are beautiful in russian
  • Ты такая красивая – You’re so beautiful
    • (Ti ta-kа-ja kra-si-va-ja)
  • У тебя очень красивые глаза – You have very beautiful eyes
    • (U ti-bja o-chin’ kra-si-vie gla-zа)
  • У тебя очень красивая улыбка – You have a very sweet smile
    • (U ti-bja o-chin’ kra-si-va-ja u-lib-ka)
  • Я люблю, когда ты улыбаешься – I like to see you smiling
    • (Ja lub-lu kag-dа ti u-li-bа-esh-sja)
  • Для меня ты самая лучшая – For me, you are the best
    • (Dlja mi-njа ti sа-ma-ja luch-sha-ja)
  • Я мечтал о тебе всю свою жизнь – I’ve dreamed about you all my life
    • (Ja mich-tаl o ti-bе vsu jizn)
  • Ты неотразима – You are irresistible
    • (Ti ni-ot-ra–zi-ma)
  • Ты очень особенная – You’re very special
    • (Ti o-chin’ a-so-bin-na-ja)
  • Ты незабываемая – You’re unforgettable
    • (Ti ni-za-bi-vа-je-ma-ja)
  • Ты замечательная – You’re amazing
    • Ti za-mi-chа-til’-na-ja)

Compliments for Men

Not only ladies like compliments. I think guys wouldn’t mind hearing something sweet as well. Here are a couple of nice phrases to the point.

In Russian In English Pronunciation Audio
Ты такой сильный You’re so strong Ti ta–kój síl’–nij
Ты прекрасный мужчина You’re a wonderful man Ti pri–krа́s–nij mu–shí–na
Ты лучший муж на свете You are the best husband in the world Ti lút–shij muzh na svе́–te
Ты прекрасный отец You’re a wonderful father Ti pri–krа́s–nij a–tе́ts
Ты тот, о ком я мечтала You’re the one I was dreaming about Ti tot o kom ja mich–tа́–la
Ты лучший You’re the best Ti lút–shij
Ты отлично выглядишь You look great Ti at–lích–na víg–li–dish

How to Call a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend

Most couples in Russia pick up special names to call each other. Some of them are ordinary, and some completely weird (I’ll show you both)

From a grammatical perspective, most of them are created with the help of so-called diminutive suffixes, whose main task is to make words sound more lovely. 

Well, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and have a look at the names Russian speakers give to each other.

Beautiful in russian

Tender Names for Women

In Russian In English Pronunciation Audio
Детка Baby Dе́t-ka
Малышка Baby Ma-lísh-ka
Любимая My love Lu-bí-ma-ja
Милая Honey Mií-la-ja
Сладкая Sweetie Slа́d-ka-ja
Зайка Bunny Zа́i-ka
Киска Kitty Kís-ka
Рыбка Little fish Ríb-ka
Птичка Birdie Ptích-ka
Солнышко Sun Sól-nish-ka

Tender Names for Men

In Russian In English Pronunciation Audio
Детка Baby Dе́t-ka
Малыш Baby Ma-lísh
Любимый My love Lu-bí-mij
Милый Honey Mí-lij
Сладкий Sweetie Slа́d-kij
Зайчонок Bunny Zai-chó-nak
Котёнок Kitty Ka-tjó-nak
Рыбка Little fish Ríb-ka
Птичка Birdie Ptích-ka
Солнышко Sun Sól-nish-ka

Crocodile of my Soul

beautiful in russian

Sometimes people pick up names that are clear to nobody but them. 

One of the most famous Russian writers of the 19th century A. Chechov called his beloved wife (a talented actress): dog, lovely drunker, my perch etc. And, of course, his crowning phrase was – crocodile of my soul. 

These names seem so weird, but when you read the letters they wrote to each other, you understand how sincere of feelings connected these two.


It turns out that so many topics naturally come out of one simple word, “beauty,” and I tried my best to cover all of them. 

Now you know how to strike up an online conversation, and the which words to save until the second date! I hope that my little pieces of advice will lead you to the point where you will be able to apply various compliments and tender words.  

By the way, if you don’t know how to translate a compliment into Russian, just ask me in the comments below!
As usual, I have some interesting sites to share. First of all, I found probably the biggest resource on the Internet devoted exclusively to Russian tender and romantic words. Second, I found a worthy resource that teaches one how to praise different aspects of a person such as skill, outlook and so on.

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