Online Course “Basic Russian in 3 months”

This is a course for everyone who wants to:

Visit Russia

Feel confident in your vacation. You'll resolve typical tourist problems: from asking a direction to ordering food.

Get a better-paid job

Add the Russian speaking skill to your CV and get a profitable senior position. Prove your knowledge with a certificate.

Speak with Russians

Start speaking with natives on social nets in just 2 weeks. Find your life-time partner and new friends.

Study in a Russian University

Russian preparatory courses are expensive. Save money by starting learning Russian independently.

Course programme

You can:

  • read in Russian
  • name objects
  • tell about yourself
  • get to know people
  • tell about your job
  • tell about your hobby
  • find your way in a town

You know:

  • the Russian alphabet
  • reading rules
  • how to spell sounds properly
  • genders of nouns
  • concept of grammar cases
  • verbs conjugations

You can: 

  • present personal information
  • tell about your family
  • describe your likes and dislikes
  • create your personal page on VK
  • tell about your personal belongings

You know:

  • how to fill official forms
  • plural of nouns
  • personal pronouns
  • nouns in the Accusative case
  • how to get to know people on social nets
  • what are the best ways to study Russian

You can:

  • tell about your country and city
  • describe your preferences
  • describe your personal opinion
  • talk about your habits and daily routines
  • talk about past events

You know:

  • nouns in the Prepositional case
  • “there is” equivalent in Russian
  • adverbs
  • cultural specificities of Russian people
  • the past tense in Russian
  • adverbs of frequency

Format of the Course

  • 72 video-lectures on the platform
  • 72 exercises with immediate auto-check
  • 5 Pronunciation control assignments with personal feedback
  • Personal vocabulary with audio that you can practice on the go
  • Telegram chat to talk with your peers
  • Creative tasks to learn the Russian culture

As a result you will...

Speak Russian

You'll be able speak, read, write and comprehend basic Russian.

Understand grammar easily

You'll build up well-formed and clear sentences.

Understand Russian culture

You'll know key cultural facts and feel confident while speaking to locals.

Get a certificate of accomplishment

Everyone who accomplish obligatory exercises will get a certificate.


Denis, USA

From traveling twice to Russia, Anastasia has helped me tremendously with pronunciation and colloquial use of Russian. Even with the always painful talk of tackling grammar she has guided me through the process with patience

TW Carl, USA

I have had at least 5 different tutors. Nastia creates all of her own lessons. She gives excellent feedback about your progress and is always positive throughout lessons. The support she offers to her students is invaluable. She truly loves her work and it shows.


3 months

To join the course, follow the link, type in the price and click “send”. 

Author of the Course

Anastasia Korol, a certified tutor

  • Most of my students travelled to Russia. 
  • All of my students found friends or language partners among native speakers.
  • One student is getting ready to get a PhD in Russian language.
  •  All of my students read Russian literature.



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