Good Morning in Russian

Agree, everyone is glad to receive a morning greeting. In this article, I’m explaining what what is “good morning” in Russian: how to welcome people, and what to reply when someone says “good morning” to you.

How to Say “Good Morning” in Russian

The best possible options would be:

In Russian In English Audio Pronunciation Where to use
Доброе утро Good morning
Dо́b—rae ut—ro Formal/Informal
С добрым утром Good morning
S dо́b—rim ut—rоm Formal/Informal

They have identical or almost the same meaning; therefore, you can use both. But according to my observations, “Доброе утро” is more widely spread.

These phrases may be used in both formal and informal communication. You can say them to your husband or wife in the morning, or to your boss when you step into the office. So, I would advise you to have at least one of them under the belt.

In response to these phrases, you can repeat one of them, or use a reduced answer: “Доброе” or “С добрым”. For example:

  • А: Доброе утро, Иван Сергеевич!
  • В: Доброе!
  • А: С добрым утром!
  • В: С добрым, Катя!

You can use any suitable greeting. If you doubt which one to use, check the article with a wide range of greeting phrases for all-day situations with a free quiz.

Grammar Side

Both phrases involve the word “Доброе” (which is translated as “kind”) and “Утро” (which is translated as “morning”). Pay attention that the first expression is in the Nominative case as if you state the fact – the morning is kind. In the second version, we use the preposition “С” and the Instrumental case so that “Доброе” becomes “Добрым“, and “Утро” becomes “Утром“.

In one of my recent articles, I explained that you could memorize case endings with cliche words. So, the phrase “С добрым утром” is an excellent sustainable words combination that illustrates the Instrumental singular with a hard stem.


Now you know how to say “good morning” in Russian, and what to say in reply. You’re ready to use these phrases in practice: with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or colleagues. Give and receive morning greetings to begin your day positively!

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