Movies in Russian: Where to Watch

Everyone agrees that watching movies in a foreign language is excellent practice. But when you learn Russian, it may seem impossible to find one with English or Russian subtitles. Good news! I did a little homework and found a number of sites that offer movies for you to enjoy.

Ladies and gentleman, the resources listed below will lead you to free online Russian movies: dubbed or with subtitles – it’s up to you!

1. SovietMoviesOnline (eng subs)

SovietMoviesOnline -Do you want to know what movies looked like under the Iron Curtain? This site has a large collection of Soviet and modern Russian movies with either high-quality English subtitles or dubbing. You’re allowed to watch one for free, and the subscription costs from just $3,99!


  • Legal and the cheapest source ever
  • Completely in English
  • The website provides high quality translation, that will help you to learn a lot of new expressions and phrases.
  • Contains a full guide on how to study Russian with movies


  • Not found

2. MegoGo (lots of subs)

MegoGo – An online cinema with a wide collection of the world best cinematography. You can subscribe, or pay for a certain movie (the price depends on a quality: HD or SD). There are also free movies (without “Подписка” sign), among which you will be able to find those with proper subtitles and audio


  • Completely in English
  • Good collection international movies
  • Various languages (!) dubbing and subtitles are available: Georgian, Lithuanian e.t.c.


  • Long add at the beginning of the video
  • Not sorted by language or subtitles so you’ll need to do some searching.

3. Ivi (eng & rus subs)

Ivi -Proficient Russian speakers may enjoy a large library of Russian shows and dubbed movies. To find a movie with subtitles follow this link

Those marked “Бесплатно” are free of charge. To change the language or subtitles use the tab “Языки и субтитры” at the top of the video. Of course, the Beas movies are available with a subscription (Подписка) or you can buy one for less than $1 (Покупка).


  • Significant collection of new and old movies in Russian and other languages

  • You can find movies with Russian and English subtitles


  • Long add at the beginning of the video
  • Not sorted by language or subtitles, so you’ll need to do some searching.

4. Yandex (Russian Google)

The easiest way to find movies is to use Yandex . If you’re looking for Russian subtitles, type the name of the movie and add “rus sub.” Things become a little more complicated if you want to listen to the Russian audio and see English subtitles, though nothing is impossible, especially on the Russian internet where video piracy is flourishing.

Anastasia Korol

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