You Have to Know These “Yes” Russian Words if You Want to Sound Natural.

In this article, I will show you six different ways to say yes in Russian. Why so many? Because they will fill your speech with diverse shades: from casual to extremely certain. I’ll also explain, how to use these words in specific examples.

How to Say Yes in Russian

To say “yes” use one of the following words:

In Russian In English Audio Pronunciation Where to use
Да Yes
Da Formal/Informal
Хорошо Fine
Ha—ra—shо́ Formal/Informal
Ладно All right, ok
Lа́d—na  Formal/Informal 
Конечно  Sure
Ka—nе́sh—na Formal/Informal
Естественно Of course
Jes—tе́s—tvi—na Formal/Informal
Безусловно Absolutely
Biz—us—lо́v—na  Formal/Informal

The most important is the direct equivalent to “yes” – Да. In the Russian language, we do not use such construction as “Yes, I do,” so saying “yes” to agree is ok. However, if this answer seems too brief, you can also repeat the last word of the question like that:

  • Ты меня понял? (Did you understand me?)
  • Да, я понял. Спасибо. (Yes, I understood. Thank you.)

You probably know the word Хорошо as an adjective which means good, but it’s also a way to say yes. It is usually used as an addition to Да and means an agreement to do something:

  • Пойдём в кино сегодня? (Let’s go to the cinema today?)
  • Да, хорошо, пойдём. (Ok, fine, let’s go.)

Another synonym from the list is Ладно. It also expresses an agreement to action. We can translate it as ok or all right, for example:

  • Поможешь мне? (Will you help me?)
  • Ладно, я помогу (Ok, I’ll help you)

When the level of your degree of confidence in something is growing, you can use more expressive options. One of them is Конечно, which means “sure”.

  • Ты едешь с нами? (Are you going with us?)
  • Конечно! (Sure!)

Another “strong-confidence” word is Естественно. It’s literally translated as “naturally”, but it’s another meaning is “of course”.

  • Это соседская собака лаяла всю ночь? (Was that our neighbors’ dog bowing all night?)
  • Естественно, кто же еще? (Of course. Who else could it be?)

The last confident Russian “yes” is Безусловно. This word has a formal shade and used in casual conversations a bit rarer.

  • Александр тоже выступает на конференции? (Does Alexander address the conference too?)
  • Безусловно. (Absolutely.)
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Helpful resources

If you feel that you need more information, I’m glad to share some links with you. I looked through a lot of websites and found some worthy ones that might be helpful if you want to know more about “Yes” in Russian.

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